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NukaTap Mini - Wall Mount Shank Kit (duotight 8mm 5/16)
  • NukaTap Mini - Wall Mount Shank Kit (duotight 8mm 5/16)
  • NukaTap Mini - Wall Mount Shank Kit (duotight 8mm 5/16)
  • NukaTap Mini - Wall Mount Shank Kit (duotight 8mm 5/16)
  • NukaTap Mini - Wall Mount Shank Kit (duotight 8mm 5/16)
  • NukaTap Mini - Wall Mount Shank Kit (duotight 8mm 5/16)

NukaTap Mini - Wall Mount Shank Kit (duotight 8mm 5/16)


£11.63 tax excl.

This shank kit is specifically designed to suit the Nukatap Mini taps and will allow you to connect the Nukatap Mini to a cooler box, kegerator, keg fridge, cool room wall or any other flat surface.



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New Innovative Shank Design 

Unlike other shank kits this shank kit doesn't use a bulky 5/8" bar stock.  The issue with 5/8 bar stock is it acts as a heat sink and due to the fact that most other shanks sit inside the insulated wall this results in a substantial amount of warm beer coming out of the tap before cold beer starts flowing.  This results in substantial "first pour foam" effect which wastes beer, can result in sour beer, and ultimately negatively effects the quality of the beverages being served.  This new design has the beer line feed all the way directly up to the back of the tap greatly reducing the volume of non-refrigerated beer.

No Spinning Shanks

If you have ever installed a traditional 5/8" long shank you will know how frustrating it is when you use the tap and the tap starts rotating. This new design of shank alternative uses three screws that lock the tap into a fixed position and prevents the taps from rotating.  If you loosen the 1/2" stainless tap collet you can still have the flexibility to rotate the tap to any orientation but once the collet is tight interlocking teeth on this shank kit and the Nukatap Mini will hold the tap permanently in the correct orientation. 

Easy Installation

Unlike other long shank kits this kit doesn't require large 22mm hole saw to be used to drill through the wall.  As no shank is required only a hole large enough to accommodate the beer line is required.  As a result only an 8mm conventional drill bit is all that is necessary and this makes the installation easier.  If however you are concerned about the small amount of beer sitting in the beer line in the wall not being refrigerated you can also shell out a larger diameter of foam on the inside of the wall to allow cold air to circulate around the beer line thus reducing the non-refrigerated beer in the line even more.

Any Wall Thickness

Other shank kits will require you to purchase a specific length shank for a specific wall thickness.  This new shank alternative will fit any wall thickness.  If you have wall thicknesses that are less than 80mm thick then you can use the included screws that have "snap off" points so you can simply cut the screws down to the desired length.  If however the wall is thicker than 80mm you can simply purchase a conventional screw and screw the shank kit to your wall.  If the substrate is firm enough you may not even need to go all the way through the wall so a common 30mm long screw may be all that is required.


  • Beer Line Diameter: Suits any beer line with 8mm ID Beer line such as the 4mm x 8mm beer line or the 5mm x 8mm beer Line.
  • Collet and Screw Cover: 304 Grade Stainless Steel
  • O-ring Material: Dual o-ring Silicone/EPDM combination
  • Plastic Mounting: POK
  • Temperature Range: -10C and up to 100C
  • Max Pressure: 150psi



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