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Dispensing / Canning

Faucets, Beer Towers and everything to related to getting your beer in a glass


  • All Dispensing Products

    Hombrew Canning, growlers, Intertap products, faucets and shanks, Beer line and other dispensing fittings and accessories

  • Canning

    Cannular Canning bench top seamer machine, cans and accessories.  Canning your homebrew like the commercial craft breweries includes advantages of recycling, preserving quality and freshness, blocking light and great for outdoors and transporting

  • Barrels

    Explore our selection of high-quality homebrew barrels and accessories designed to elevate your brewing experience. Our range offers everything you need to store and serve your homemade brews with precision and style.

  • Growlers

    Growlers and growler draft dispensing kits.  Take your homebrew with you and dispense in style

  • Faucets and Shanks

    Beer faucets, beer guns, shanks and related spares and accessories.  Products to help you get serving homebrew from your Kegerator / Keezer build

  • Beer Towers and Fonts

    Beer Towers, Fonts and related fittings and accessories.  Serving homebrew in style

  • Gycol Chillers & Cooling

    KegLand IceMaster Glycol Chillers, Series X Kegerators and Dispensing Cooling

  • Bottles & Fillers

    Beer bottling gun, spares and accessories.  Use when canning or bottling your homebrew to purge with CO2

  • Drip Trays

    Beer drip trays in different sizes.  Some mountable for kegerator / keezer builds

  • Ball Lock Disconnect Fittings

    Plastic & stainless steel gas and liquid ball lock disconnect.  Flow control liquid disconnect and anything else has a ball lock post or fits onto a ball lock post

  • Duotight Fittings

    Kegland duotight fittings.  Similar to John Guest fittings.  These high quality Duotight push in fittings have superior sealing capacity due to the double o-ring sealing design

  • John Guest Fittings

    Range of John Guest fittings used in kegging and home bar dispensing

  • Beer (and Gas) Line

    Various sizes of beer (and gas) line

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