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Brew Vessel Equipment

Homebrew Equipment

Including sight glasses, thermometers, elements, sparging, wort chillers, false bottoms, filters and BIAB brew bags


  • All Homebrew Equipment

    HLT, Mash Tun and Boil Kettle Brewing Vessel Equipment including sight glasses, thermometers and probes, kettle elements, sparging equipment, wort chillers, filters and strainers and BIAB brew bags

  • Sight Glass

    Sight glass kits and accessories for use in brewing vessels conversion

  • Kettle Elements

    Electric elements for brewing vessels. Boil time examples are available in the Product Information section

  • Thermometers and Probes

    Bi-metal back entry stem dial analoguethermometers, temperature probes and thermowells  for use in brewing vessels

  • Filters and Strainers

    Assortment of filtering and straining products.  False bottoms, bazooka screens, hop spiders, hop bags, y-strainers and more

  • BIAB Brew Bags

    Brew bags in different sizes to match pot sizes for "Brew In A Bag" homebrew method (BIAB)


    HERMS coil and fittings.  Heat Exchanged Recirculating Mash Systems to control mash temperature.  We fit these in custom build systems

  • Wort Chillers

    Stainless steel immersion wort chillers and efficient plate wort chillers

  • Sparging Equipment

    Sparging Equipment.  Locline flexible sparging modular hose, rotating sparge arms

  • Grain Mill, Scoops, Paddles

    Other homebrewing equipment.  Mash Paddles, Grain Mills, Grain Scoops

  • Tools

    Selection of tools used for converting pots to brewing vessels.  Q-Max hole punches, drills for stainless steel

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