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About us

Welcome to Angel Home Brew online brewing equipment store

We aim to provide good quality home brewing equipment at affordable prices mainly for extract and all grain brewing.

The intention is to provide a full comprehensive range of compatible equipment and provide the tools for you to easily configure and select the products you need.  Also to include instructions for fitting, cleaning, and use as applicable for product.

If you are interested in new products and tools as they become available, please create a customer account and select to be included on news letter.  Sight glass kits, thermometers and converted stockpots for brewing vessels are also coming soon

And a bit about myself

Having restarted home brewing after many years departure I found the kits had greatly improved and was able to produce some reasonable beer. However, there was a natural interest in the progression to mysterious world (to me anyway!) of extract and all grain brewing methods and had to give it a go.

Following a great "Day with the brewer" at a local micro-brewery, I bought just a plastic bucket with a heater element and made my own counterflow chiller and gave it a try.

I wasn't disappointed, the results were surprisingly good, equalling great real ales and in some cases surpassing some I had tried before. It was a bit of a revelation that such great beer could be made relatively simply at home. However, I was struggling with the equipment I was using.

Next step was to look for better equipment and this proved a bit of a challenge. There are some excellent online resources and I found an abundance of information about equipment, sometimes confusing or conflicting probably due to my inexperience at the time, but also often found searches for equipment I wanted resulted in products overseas that were not economically viable to ship.

After some time and talking to a lot of manufacturers and suppliers I found most of what I needed and my aim now is to make this easily accessible by providing a range of good quality compatible and affordable brewing equipment to other like minded home brew enthusiasts in their quest to make great beer.

I am certainly no brewing expert, relatively novice and still learning, but have made many contacts for equipment and am busy growing and building the range of products.

Please continue to check back and your feedback is always welcomed.