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  • Discount / Preorder

    Products coming soon RAPT Temp Control Fermentation Chamber, Brewzilla Gen 4, Fermzilla Gen 3, Series X Plus and more

  • BrewDevil

    BrewDevil WiFi Microbrewery, accessories and spares.

  • BrewZilla

    Brewzilla / Robobrew all-in-one all grain microbrewery systems and accessories and spares

  • Taps and Fittings

    Stainless steel valves, fittings,  weldless bulkhead fittings, camlocks, quick disconnects and more

  • Homebrew Equipment

    Including sight glasses, thermometers, elements, sparging, wort chillers, false bottoms, filters and BIAB brew bags

  • Homebrew Pumps & Hose

    AC and DC homebrew pumps for transfer and recirculation, silicone hose, connections and related accessories

  • Measurement and Testing

    Homebrew measure and test equipment e.g. TILT, Refractometers, Digital Thermometers, PH Meters

  • Temperature Control

    Icemaster glycol chillers, temperature controllers

  • Fermentation

    Fermentation vessels and fermentation related products.  BrewDevil SS Conical Fermenter, Fermzilla, Fermentasaurus, accessories and spares

  • Kegging

    Keg Master Kegerator, Full Keg Setup / Kegerator Kits, Kegs, growlers, regulators, gas splitters, ball lock fittings and related accessories

  • Dispensing / Canning

    Faucets, Beer Towers and everything to related to getting your beer in a glass

  • Beer Kits

    Range of malt extract and all grain beer kits. Different brands including Woodfordes, Muntons, Tiny Rebel, St Peters, Simply.  Various Styles, IPA, NEIPA, Lager, Stouts and more, use the filter on right to find your kit by Manufacturer, Style, ABV, Colour and more

  • Ingredients

    Range of brewing ingredients, Malt Extract, Brewing Sugars, Yeast and more

  • Cleaners / Sanitisers

    Range of cleaners and sanitiser products

  • Other

    Other items

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