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  • Discount / Preorder

    New products coming soon on preorder now.  Series X Plus, 6 and 8 Tap TT Bar Font, RAPT Pill, Core 360 Regulators, Brewzilla 12L Extension Pipe, New Duotight Ball Lock Quick Disconnects, Nukatap CounterFlow Pressure Filler

  • BrewDevil

    BrewDevil Microbrewery, accessories and spares. Package deals include products exclusive to AHB

  • Robobrew / BrewZilla

    Robobrew / Brewzilla microbrewery systems and accessories and spares

  • Stockpots

    Stainless steel stockpots and thermos pots in various sizes for conversion into brewing vessels

  • Taps and Fittings

    Stainless steel valves, fittings,  weldless bulkhead fittings, camlocks, quick disconnects and more

  • Homebrew Equipment

    Including sight glasses, thermometers, elements, sparging, wort chillers, false bottoms, filters and BIAB brew bags

  • Homebrew Pumps & Hose

    AC and DC homebrew pumps for transfer and recirculation, silicone hose, connections and related accessories

  • Measurement and Testing

    Homebrew measure and test equipment e.g. TILT, Refractometers, Digital Thermometers, PH Meters

  • Fermentation

    Fermentation vessels and fermentation related products.  BrewDevil SS Conical Fermenter, Fermzilla, Fermentasaurus, accessories and spares

  • Kegging

    Keg Master Kegerator, Full Keg Setup / Kegerator Kits, Kegs, growlers, regulators, gas splitters, ball lock fittings and related accessories

  • Dispensing / Canning

    Faucets, Beer Towers and everything to related to getting your beer in a glass

  • Books and Magazines

    Brewing related reading material for when you’re waiting for that mash, boil or relaxing drinking your homebrew thinking of your next brew day or system upgrade

  • Other

    Other items

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