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Nukatap Mini - Tap Only
  • Nukatap Mini - Tap Only
  • Nukatap Mini - Tap Only
  • Nukatap Mini - Tap Only
  • Nukatap Mini - Tap Only
  • Nukatap Mini - Tap Only
  • Nukatap Mini - Tap Only

Nukatap Mini - Tap Only


£12.46 tax excl.

NUKATAP MINI the tap that blasts the competition apart!   

Perfect for compact portable systems and homebrew draft systems,  the slower flow rate is easier to control | First Pour Foam Reduction in Thermal Mass | Improved Laminar Flow | Most Sanitary Forward Sealing Design | Longer Life Seals | New design has three fixing points making it impossible for tap to rotate accidentally.


Tap and spring Only - pictures showing other products are only to illustrate use.



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Mini Design - Ideal Flow Rate for Small Systems

Most conventional beer taps are designed with 10mm diameter nozzle/spout so you can pour pint in just over 10sec.  This type of flow rate is great for high turnover bars and commercial venues but this high flow rate requirement is not necessary or desirable for all applications.  For compact portable systems, or for home brew draft systems a slower flow rate is easier to control the flow and further reduces foaming issues due to the low liquid volume stored in the tap body. 

This Nukatap mini is also more idea for pouring smaller doses.  For examples cocktails where 150-250ml of liquid is dispensed is difficult to control with a high flow rate tap.  For portable systems this tap and FC ball lock disconnect assembly is small enough to literally put in your pocket making it ideal for mini keg setups that you want to be portable or that you want to easily fit inside a domestic fridge where space is tight.

Tap Only - pictures showing other products are only to illustrate use

Forward Sealing

Forward sealing taps are absolutely the way to go when it comes to beer taps.  Old legacy taps still exist in industry that are simply poorly designed.  Many of these rear sealing taps look like this below:

The issue with rear sealing taps is that beer dries up on the tap piston.  This is not sanitary, as more and more beer dries up in these components the tap can almost glue complete shut causing damaged seals or broken handles (this is particularly the case if it's left for some time to dry out with beer inside).  These older legacy design still exist probably due to poor education.  The forward sealing designs do not have this problem and the tap drains out completely with no beer drying up on the mechanical moving parts. This makes the tap more sanitary and reduced maintenance.  In many instances the price is similar so there is no reason to use a poorly designed rear sealing tap.  ALL Nukatap taps are FORWARD SEALING.

Laminar Flow

Just like the Nuktap SS and Nukatap FC the Nukatap Mini has been designed with laminar flow in mind.  Laminar flow is critical for a beer tap as it means you will pour the beer with minimal fobbing and a substantial reduction in wastage.  Think about how many times a beer tap opens and closes in it's lifetime.  1000 or maybe 10,000 times?  Laminar flow saves wasted beer in excessive foam and the better laminar flow easily pays for itself in a reduction in lost beer.  To use poorer designed taps is literally like flushing money down the sink. 

Integrated Seals that are Indestructible and more Sanitary

Unlike other designs the Nukatap Mini body is made from POK making it strong, robust and able to be autoclaved.  The seals are also over-molded from Santoprene® making them hard wearing so they will literally last for the lifetime of the tap without the need for replacement. Santoprene® and POK both have excellent resistance to chemicals such as caustic soda, peroxide, phosphoric acid, lactic acid, citric acid, acetic acid, and all common chemicals sold and used in the beverage industry.  The seals internally are over-molded meaning NO fissures or cracks exist for bacteria, crud or yeast to hide.

Superior First Pour Foam due to Low Thermal Mass and Conductivity

First pour foam is an issue caused by a warm tap body. For most taps to pour well it's important to dispense enough beer to cool the tap body down before the tap will pour well.  In addition to this the conductivity of the tap body also makes this worse so insulative materials simply work better than conductive materials.  The Nukatap mini not only has very low thermal mass but is also highly insulative being made mostly from Santoprene and POK.  The combination of these two factors in conjunction with superior laminar flow makes for the lowest "first pour foam" effect out of any tap ever produced. 

Long Shank Alternative (Sold separately in 8mm(5/16") duotight design)

Most conventional beer taps require a large 22mm hole to be drilled through the wall of your keezer/cooler/wall.  Traditional long shanks also generally have a large volume of liquid that sits inside the wall unrefrigerated which is not ideal.  This new long shank alternative is designed to suit any wall thickness and greatly reduces the stagnant beer sitting in the shank itself.  For walls up to 80mm thick we have provided three screws however if the wall is thicker you can also use 6 small wood screws or something similar and attach three screws from the front and 3 from the back allowing you to go into any wall type.

Another advantage of this new design is the tap will never accidentally rotate.  Typically other long shank beer taps rely on the hex nut on the shank to be done up tight enough to prevent rotation but if the wall compresses (often the case with foam walls) the tap is allowed to rotate.  This new design has three fixing points making it impossible for the tap to rotate accidentally as the interlocking teeth behind the collet allow you to set the angle and then do up the collet to fix the tap permanently in that position.

FREE Nukatap Flow Control and NukaTap Mini Auto Close Spring with every NukaTap Mini


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