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The following instructions describe the fitting of the 50 L sight glass level sticker. The same technique applies equally for the 70 L and 100 L sight glass stickers.

Note the stickers have been calibrated and printed only to fit the 50L, 70L and 100L Schengler pots.

You will need :-

  • Fitted sight glass kit
  • Level
  • Large measuring jug
  • Scissors
  • Roll of masking tape
1. Level Pot

Make sure the pot is sitting level before starting using a level placed horizontally across the rim of the pot.

These instructions use a 2 litre measuring jug to find a reference level for applying the sticker.

Use the largest most accurate measuring vessel you can find.

2. Find Reference Level

Fill the pot with measured water until the water level can just be seen in the sight glass.

Tip: Its worth marking down on paper how many litres of water you have added to the pot to avoid losing count.

3. Mark Reference Point

Mark the reference level with a piece of masking tape stuck to the sight glass tube.

4. Line Up Sticker

Line the sticker up with the reference level marked on the tape so you can see how much of the bottom of the sticker should be removed.

In the picture the sticker will be cut just above the 7L mark which is where the sight glass tube enters the reducing bush pipe fitting.

5. Cut Off Bottom Of Sticker

Cut off the bottom of the sticker at the required level.

Now hold sticker against sight glass so it is sitting on the reducing bush and check the correct sticker level is lining up with the reference level marked on the masking tape.

The picture shows the water level in sight glass, the 8L sticker level and the 8L reference level marked on the masking tape all line up.

6. Move Reference Level Tape To Back Of Tube

Move the tape carefully round to the back of the tube without moving it up and down so the vertical edge of the tape is marking the back of the tube.

This tape position now allows you to place the sticker at the correct height for the water level, and also the position to make sure you place the sticker on the front of the tube.

Do a final check by holding your sticker against the front of the tube sitting on the reducing bush pipe fitting and make sure the sticker level indicator, taped reference level, and water level in the tube all line up.

Tip: Make sure your eye level is at same level as the reference level when lining up.

Now the reference level and back of the tube is marked, you can now empty the pot.

7. Remove Tube And Clean

Unscrew the sight glass tube being careful not to lose or move your reference tape.

Place tube flat on table with reference marker tape vertical edge at the back.

Clean the front of the tube rubbing it first with wet, and then dry kitchen towel or a clean cloth.

Make sure it is totally dry.

8. Trial Fit

Hold sticker on tube so you feel comfortable about where you going to place it.

In the picture the sticker is held to the side of final position just to line up sticker level and level marked on the masking tape at the back of the tube. Note where the bottom of the sticker lies as this will be the stickers first point of application. It should be approximately where the PTFE tape starts.

If the bottom of the sticker doesn’t correspond with the top of the PTFE tape, apply another wrap of PTFE tape to clearly mark exactly where the bottom of the sticker will be placed.

9. Remove Sticker Backing

Peel away the sticker backing.

Be careful not to let anything touch the back of the sticker as it will stick to it and potentially remove the black print.

10. Place Bottom Of Sticker

Holding the sticker straight, taut and in line with the tube carefully and lightly place just the bottom of the sticker in the correct location. The other end of the sticker is held up away for the sight glass tube at this point.

If you don’t press to hard at this time you may be able to very carefully lift the sticker and adjust its position.

Avoid letting any part of the sticker but the very bottom of the sticker touch the sight glass tube at this point until you are happy you have correctly located the bottom of the sticker.

11. Apply All Of Center of Sticker Along Length Of Tube

With a finger or thumb holding the bottom of the sticker against the tube in its correct position and the other hand holding the sticker straight, taut and in line but away from the tube, lower the sticker onto the tube making sure it is straight.

Don’t apply downward pressure on the sticker against the tube at this point. This will mean if the sticker alignment is incorrect as you lay it down you may be able to gently lift the sticker to realign it.

In the picture you can see the sticker has been correctly placed so it is vertically aligned with correct water level and lies straight along the centre of the tube with the outer edges not yet applied.

12. Fix Center Of Sticker

Rub up and down the center of the sticker with your thumb so it is fully stuck.

Instead of your thumb, you may find it easier to use something like the masking tape roll to rub up and down to apply even pressure to the center of the sticker so it is stuck well to the tube.

13. Fix Sides Of Sticker

Now stick the sides of the sticker down to the tube starting at the bottom and using a finger and thumb to form the sticker around the sight glass tube

14. Fix Firmly

Using your hand or roll of masking tape rub the sticker all over the black printing so it is firmly fixed to the sight glass tube.

15. Remove Top Layer

Peel off the top layer of the sticker.

16. Refit Sight Glass

Re-apply some more PTFE tape to sight glass tube thread and refit the sight glass tube passing down through eyebolt and screwing into the threaded fitting.

Don’t forget to add your o-ring level indicators back on the tube!

Disclaimer: While the content aim to be clear and complete, any damage occurring through customers using these instructions are the responsibility of the customer