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Mangrove Jack's Lactose 500g
  • Mangrove Jack's Lactose 500g

Mangrove Jack's Lactose 500g


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A non fermentable sugar used to add sweetness.



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Lactose powder is a popular ingredient in brewing, especially in styles like milk stouts and milkshake IPAs. Since it's a non-fermentable sugar, it won't be consumed by the yeast during fermentation, which means it will remain in the beer to add sweetness and body without increasing alcohol content.

Adding lactose powder can help raise the final gravity (FG) of the beer, providing a fuller mouthfeel and a creamy texture. It's a great way to balance out bitterness in hoppy beers or to enhance the richness in darker, malt-forward styles.

When using lactose powder in brewing, it's essential to remember that it will not cause re-fermentation. This can be beneficial when you want to stabilize the sweetness level of your beer without the risk of further fermentation in the bottle.

Overall, lactose powder is a versatile ingredient that can be used to achieve specific flavour profiles and textures in homebrewed beer.


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