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DigiMash Upgrade Kit for 35L DigiBoil
  • DigiMash Upgrade Kit for 35L DigiBoil
  • DigiMash Upgrade Kit for 35L DigiBoil
  • DigiMash Upgrade Kit for 35L DigiBoil
  • DigiMash Upgrade Kit for 35L DigiBoil

DigiMash Upgrade Kit for 35L DigiBoil


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DigiMash Upgrade Kit for 35L DigiBoil.  The most affordable all-in-one automated all-grain brewing system!

Mash grains and boil wort in a single vessel.  The DigiBoil electric kettle available separately automatically maintains mash temperatures with the digital controller.  



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DigiMash Upgrade Kit for 35L DigiBoil

Turn your 35L DigiBoil into a DigiMash system!

This upgrade kit represents the best value in electric all-grain brewing you'll find. This is by far the most affordable way to get into electric all-grain brewing.  It may not have all the bells and whistles of the BrewZilla, but it does have everything you need to mash and boil all in one unit. Setting up and using the DigiMash couldn't be easier. Simply place the false bottom inside the kettle and install the malt pipe, fill with water and heat to your desired strike temperature, then add your grain and set your desired mash temperature on the digital controller. Once your mash is complete, lift up the malt pipe, drain the wort and sparge, then remove the malt pipe and proceed to boil.

If you're deciding between the DigiMash and the BrewZilla, there are a couple of key differences worth noting. One of our favorite features of the BrewZilla is the programmable mash steps and delayed start, which the DigiMash does not have. You can still step mash by simply raising the temperature manually on the controller, but the automatic steps are a convenient feature if you want to set it and forget it.

The other major difference between the two systems is that the BrewZilla features a built-in pump for recirculating the mash. Recirculation is a great way to improve mash efficiency, but it is far from required for a successful brew day. Using an external pump with the DigiMash is also an option.

click here for DigiBoil 35L sold separately

DigiMash Stainless Steel Accessory Pack Includes:

  • False bottom
  • Malt pipe
  • Wire support 
  • Malt pipe handle
  • Malt pipe bottom screen

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