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The following instructions show the fitting of the 50L sight glass kit but equally apply for fitting the 70L and 100L sight glass kits.

For sight glass sticker please see separate sight glass level indicator sticker instructions".

You will need :-

1. Make Holes in Pot for Sight Glass

Make sure the pot is level before marking the positions for the holes using a level placed across the top rim of the pot.

Mark the hole positions using masking tape on the pot so they can be clearly marked with a pen.  Use a level to mark the the centre of the holes so they are aligned vertically.

You will need a 21mm hole towards the bottom of the pot for sight glass kit ½” weldless fitting. We use a 21mm punch that leaves a very cleanly cut hole.

The 6mm eybolt hole needs to be vertically aligned above the centre the bottom hole and about 2cm from top rim of the pot. Make sure this hole is near the rim so you don’t have to worry about any leakage through this hole.

Please be careful when installing your sight glass kit for sharp edges either in your own cut hole, or also on any of the tap fittings.

2. Disassemble Sight Glass Kit

Disassemble sight glass kit ready for fitting.

3. Apply PTFE To The Pipe Fittings

Wrap PTFE tape 5 or 6 times around the threads of the 1/2" parallel nipple and the 1/2" to 3/8” reducing bush.

This is essential for the threads to be sealed inside the pipe fittings.

4. Attach Nipple and Bush To Elbow

Screw the parallel nipple and reducing bush into the 90 degree elbow.

Use a spanner to slightly tighten up the reducing bush.

5. Add External Washers and O-Ring

Add one of the smaller washers, then the silicone o-ring, and then the large washer over the nipple.

The large washer will fit around the o-ring.

6. Add Weldless Fitting to Pot

Pass threaded nipple end of the assembled fitting through the pot.

Move the washers into position to centre the smaller washer, and to ensure the larger washer is fitting around the o-ring.

The fully encapsulated o-ring is very effective and avoids the o-ring becoming misshapen, and possibly squeezed outside of the washer as the fitting is tightened.

7. Tighten Weldless Fitting

Add the washer over the nipple inside the pot and then screw on the hex lock nut and hand tighten

Holding the elbow fitting against the outside of the stockpot vertical with and the washers moved into correct position tighten up lock nut inside pot with socket or spanner.

8. Apply PTFE to Tube Thread

Wrap several turns of PTFE tape around the thread on the end of the sight glass tube.

9. Screw Sight Glass into Reducing Bush

Screw the sight glass into the reducing bush.

10. Ensure Sight Glass is Vertical

Check the sight glass is vertical and in line with the eyebolt hole at the top of the pot.

If necessary, make the tube vertical by rotate the weldless fitting using a spanner on the nut inside the pot.

11. Assemble Eyebolt

Add a nut and washer to the eyebolt.

12. Fit Eyebolt

Hook eyebolt over sight glass and pass eyebolt through upper hole in the pot.

Add washer and nut to eyebolt thread inside pot and tighten with a spanner.

You will need to hold the eyebolt outside the pot to keep it straight and level as it rotate as you tighten the nut inside the pot.

13. Sight Glass Kit Fitted

Fill pot with water to test for leaks.

Please see separate instructions to fit sight glass level indicator sticker.

Disclaimer: While the content aim to be clear and complete, any damage occurring through customers using these instructions are the responsibility of the customer