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The following instructions describe the disassembly of the 2 piece ball valve to enable thorough cleaning.

While this is not required after every use, it should be done periodically, say every few months or every 4 brews or so.

1. Unscrew Ball Valve

Holding fixed side of 2 piece ball value with wrench (right on picture) use a second wrench to unscrew the ball valve (left on picture).

Once loosened the ball valve end cap should just unscrew by hand.

2. Separate Ball Valve

Picture shows the separated 2 piece ball valve.

The ball part of the valve has a slot at the top which engages with a slot that turns with the ball valve handle.

Be careful not to damage the white seals.

3. Remove Ball and Clean Valve

Turn the handle so the ball valve is closed. The ball will now just drop out and all parts of the ball valve are accessible for cleaning.

Parts can be soaked in a sanitizer/cleanser and then thoroughly rinsed with clean water before reassembly.

Do not use anything abrasive on the seals as if these are damaged the tap will leak.

Reassembly is just reverse. i.e. Relocate ball in handle slot, screw up the ball valve end cap

Disclaimer: While the content aim to be clear and complete, any damage occurring through customers using these instructions are the responsibility of the customer


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PayPal Accepted
Chugger Pump Reseller
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