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30L BrewDevil WiFi Microbrewery

450,00 £

375,00 £ Iva escl.

30L BrewDevil WiFi Microbrewery single vessel all in one micro-brewery system.  New WiFi controller includes 9 program memory, 9 step mash program, alert and confirm to proceed to brewing step.  New anti-burn recirculation system.  Comes with Insulation Jacket, Stainless Steel Mash Paddle, Sight Glass, Whirlpool Arm and Hop Spider.  See description for full details



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30L BrewDevil WiFi Microbrewery single vessel all in one micro-brewery system.  

The BrewDevil is an All-in-one professional microbrewery with integrated 2.5 KW element, powerful magnetic drive recirculation pump and advanced brewery program controller

Click here for BrewDevil WiFi Instruction Manual

This new BrewDevil WiFi version includes

  • Wifi Controller, can operated mounted or detached and can be unplugged and removed from machine
  • Anti-burn recirculation system
  • Telescopic overflow pipe
  • Sight glass on drain valve
  • Full hinged false bottom pump filter/element cover
  • 13m wort chiller
  • Hop Spider
  • Whirlpool Arm
  • Insulation Jacket
  • Stainless Steel Mash Paddle
  • Upgraded malt pipe bottom filter plate
  • Screw on bazooka screen

Controller Functions Include

  • 9 Step mashing program
  • 9 Recipe memory
  • Accurate temperature setting from 25 - 100 degree C in 0.1 C increments
  • Ability to modify program while brewing program is running
  • Mash, sparge and hop addition reminders bell
  • Pump operation
  • Manual and Auto mode operation


  • 304 Stainless Steel 40L vessel with 35L effective usable volume
  • Max Grain Capacity: 10KG
  • Max Brew Length: 30L 
  • Updated WiFi controller, including 9 step mashing programmable controller and 9 program memory function (see comparison table below)
  • 220V-240V 2.5KW element
  • Industrial Magnetic Drive Pump
  • Malt pipe
  • Product Size: (W) 45cm x (D) 45cm x (H) 66cm including lid and handle
  • Packaging Size: (W) 45cm x (D) 45cm x (H) 69cm

Box Contents Include

  • BrewDevil Wi-Fi Microbrewery, Wi-Fi Controller and lid
  • Malt pipe
  • Coil Wort Chiller
  • Hop Spider (*Optional)
  • Mash Paddle (*Optional)
  • Instruction Manual
  • BrewDevil Insulation Jacket (*Optional)
  • Element Cover False Bottom
  • Malt Pipe Bottom Filter Plate
  • Malt Pipe Top Filter Plate
  • Whirlpool Arm (*Optional)
  • Anti-Burn Recirculating Pipe
  • Malt Pipe Handle
  • Curved Recirculation Pipe
  • Malt Pipe Telescopic Overflow Pipe
  • Spares (Pump Elbow Pipe, Zip Ties, O-Ring)
  • Malt Pipe Top Filter Plate Handles
  • Drain Tap Bazooka Screen Filter



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