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Benchy Glycol - Double Tap Bench Top Keg Dispenser 240V (With SS Nukatap FC Taps)

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The Benchy Portable Keg Dispenser is the easiest way to setup a draft system. No ice required just plug in the keg and power and be pouring beers instantly.



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Benchy Glycol - Portable Bench Top Keg Dispenser

Do you want a benchtop keg system that simply plugs into the wall, top up with water mixed with some glycol*, and is easy to use?  Benchy is the easy to use bench top keg dispenser that makes draft beer as easy as flipping a switch.  Perfect for weddings, catering or other functions where no complicated beer plumbing is necessary.

It is as easy as:

  1. Plug into wall
  2. Add 20% Glycol/Water Solution
  3. Attach Kegs and Gas
  4. Wait up to 1 hour for reservoir to cool.
  5. Pour!

refer to the instruction manual for step-by-step how to

Glycol Tank - This model has an efficiently sized glycol tank that cools down fast but also gives you a thermal mass so you can handle peak serving times

Cooling Performance - The Benchy Glycol unit is able to chill about 20-30L of beer per hour.  This amount of beer consumption will ideally suit many bars/café domestic use.

Compact and Portable - Small enough to fit into the boot of a car, lift with one person and setup quickly in any bar, café, outdoor entertaining or functions.

Comes with Stainless Steel Nukatap Flow Control taps


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