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25 Grandi Progetti Homebrew

8,40 £

8,40 £ Iva escl.

L'ultimo Do-It-Yourself guida per homebrewer - Brew tua Magazine Edizione Speciale

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The Ultimate Do-It-Yourself guide for homebrewers! Includes the best projects stories to run in BYO magazine over the past 16 years! All projects include a parts & tools list as well as detailed instructions on the build and pictures to help guide you through the project.

25 project plans include:

• Cooler Mash Tun
• Continuous Sparging System
• Countertop All-Grain System
• Electric Heat Stick
• Convert Brew Pot to Kettle
• Convert Keg to Kettle
• Counterpressure Bottle Filler
• Portable Kegerator
• Rebuild a Keg & Spunding Valve
• Counterflow Wort Chiller
• Recirculating Wort Chiller
• Carboy Spray Wand
• Keg & Carboy Cleaner
• Tap Handles
• Home Kegerator
• Nitro Kegerator
• Glycol Fermenter
• Inline Aerator
• Yeast Stir Plate
• Inline Thermometer
• Pump Toolbox Combination
• Water Filter
• Randall-Style Hop Filter
• French Press Hopback
• Hop Dryer


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