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Regulador de presión doble MK4 - Tipo 30

70,00 £

58,33 £ impuestos excl.

¿Necesita establecer dos presiones de CO2 diferentes para diferentes cervezas de barril? Con este regulador de presión dual MK4 podrás atornillarlo a tu botella de CO2 y disparar con dos presiones diferentes



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Need to set two different CO2 pressures for different beers on tap?

Then you'll need two regulators to do it properly. With this MK4 Dual Pressure Regulator you'll be able to screw it into your CO2 bottle and fire away with two different pressures. No need to removing the High Pressure gauge off one regulator, buying an attachment and joining the two together.

Comes with Duotight 1/4" FFL to 5/16" gas line fittings.  

Can use these 1/4 FFL to 3/8" push fit fittings for 3/8" gas line.

This new MK4 Model regulator has several advantages including:

  1. Safer design with colour coded pressure release valves.
  2. Easy mounting option
  3. Optional extras such as gauge guard
  4. Better body design and more reliable


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