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Thermos Pot conversión de drenaje inferior

64,08 £

53,40 £ impuestos excl.

Añadir este artículo, así como un termo Pot a su carrito para que su pote termo convertidos para que tengan un centro de drenaje inferior



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Thermos Pot bottom drain conversion

Add this item as well as a Thermos Pot to your cart to have your Thermos pot converted to have a bottom centre drain.

Some of the bottom outer skin on the thermos pot will be cut open to provide access for fitting the bottom drain and outlet running through to the side of the thermos pot.

The bottom drain fitting and outlet will run within the height of the insulation in the base of the thermos pot meaning the pot will still sit flat

In addition to the cutting and fitting work required for the bottom drain, this item includes around £30 worth of the following products :-

This item does not include the ball valve so please add either a 2 piece ball valve (2PCSSTAP) or 3 piece ball valve (3PCSSTAP) as preferred to your order.

Note some thermos pot sizes come from the manufacturer with a tap (38.5L, 70L) and these sizes are pre-drilled to fit the original manufacturers tap on the side of the pot (1/2" BSP thread sized hole on outside and 3/8" BSP thread sized hole on inside). This original tap is not really suitable for homebrew purposes and are typically converted to use a ball valve (see product "Thermos Ball Valve Conversion").

Thermos Pots sizes without manufacturers tap that are not pre-drilled are: 35L, 50L, 60L and 80L.

Please get in touch with any other pot conversion requirements.


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