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50L BrewDevil Microbrewery Package Deal
  • 50L BrewDevil Microbrewery Package Deal
  • 50L BrewDevil Microbrewery Package Deal
  • 50L BrewDevil Microbrewery Package Deal
  • 50L BrewDevil Microbrewery Package Deal
  • 50L BrewDevil Microbrewery Package Deal

50L BrewDevil Microbrewery Package Deal


£461.67 tax excl.

LATEST VERSION MACHINE - 50L BrewDevil single vessel all in one micro-brewery system PLUS Wort chiller, Wort chiller connection, Standard Jacket, Whirlpool arm, Hop Spider, 3/8" Silicone Hose and Upgraded Bazooka Screen. Extra feet on malt pipe for half stage lift



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50L BrewDevil single vessel all in one micro-brewery system PLUS accessories worth over £130 

This is the NEW LATEST VERSION of the BrewDevil includes

  • Angled more readable display
  • Telescopic overflow pipe
  • Upgraded malt pipe bottom filter plate
  • Screw on bazooka screen
  • Sight Glass Kit (to be fitted)
  • Also adding Full false bottom pump filter/element cover (while stocks last)

Make sure to fit sight glass end plug to prevent any liquid escaping from sight glass, particularly required during boil with a full false bottom plate fitted

Package Deal includes :-

BrewDevil Wort Chiller fittings enables you to connect your wort chiller to garden hose with hoselock style fittings (May substitute with Hose Connection Kit based on availability)

3/8" Silicone Hose can fit to recirculation arm for directing flow over grain bed minimising disturbance, or prevent splashing on lower grain bills.  Also, can fit to the drain valve for transfer to a fermenting vessel.

BrewDevil All-In-One Microbrewery

The Brew Devil is an All-in-one professional microbrewery with integrated 3 KW element, powerful magnetic drive recirculation pump and advanced brewery program controller.  Includes Brew Devil Pump Inlet Hop Filter and extra feet on malt pipe for half way lift

Ideal for making the step from kit brewing to all-grain brewing and making awesome craft beer.  Note the 50L Brew Devil can also do smaller 23L brews.  Comes with 1 year warranty

Click here to see the smaller 30L Brew Devil and other Brew Devil related products

Click here for Brew Devil Manual

Controller Functions Include

  • 9 Step mashing program
  • 9 Recipe memory
  • Accurate temperature setting from 25 - 100 degree C in 0.1 C increments
  • Ability to modify program while brewing program is running
  • Mash, sparge and hop addition reminders bell
  • Manual and Auto mode operation



  • 304 Stainless Steel 52L vessel with 45L full volume line
  • Max Grain Capacity: 15KG
  • Max Brew Length: 45L (can also do a 23L brew length)
  • Updated controller, including 9 step mashing programmable controller and 9 program memory function (see comparison table below)
  • 220V-240V 3KW element
  • Industrial Magnetic Drive Pump
  • Adjustable malt pipe for varying brew length / grain bills
  • Extra feet on malt pipe for half way lift
  • Pump inlet hop filter
  • Product Size: (W) 45cm x (D) 45cm x (H) 77cm including lid and handle
  • Packaging Size: (W) 45cm x (D) 45cm x (H) 82cm


Additional Product Options Include

  • 13M 16 ring Immersion Wort Chiller  (see Wort Chiller Fittings product if wanting to use a hozelock style hosepipe connection)
  • Stainless Steel 30 Plate Wort Chiller (will additionally require your choice of fittings, e.g. hosebarbs, camlocks, quick disconnects)
  • Hop Spider

Box Contents Include

  • 1 x Stainless Steel 52L vessel with 45L full volume line
  • 1 x Stainless Grain Basket and handle
  • 2 x Stainless Steel False Bottom
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Overflow Pipe and removable curved recirculation pipe
  • 1 x SS Pump Inlet Hop Filter
  • 1 x SS Mesh Drain Valve Filter
  • 1 x SS Basket Handle
  • 1 x Tempered glass lid with stainless steel knob handle
  • 1 x 2m power cable with UK plug fitted


Controller Comparison


Old V1 Ace/Hopcat/Klarstein

Brew Devil Controller

Temperature Precision

1 degree

0.1 degree

Memory Function


Yes, can store 9 programs

Hop Reminder



Modify Settings When in Use


Settings can be modified at any time while machine is working

Step Mashing

6 Steps

9 Steps

Mashing Sign


Yes for auto mode

Ingredient Add Reminder


Yes. After 1st step machine will sound bell to remind user to press auto button to proceed to next step

Sparging Reminder


Yes. Machine will ring prior to boil step to alert to sparging step. Machine proceeds to boil stage after user presses auto button


Here are some replies for some common questions we receive

Q. There are other brands of this exact same machine, why buy a Brew Devil?

You may have seen other suppliers sell this exact same machine with their own brand on.  However, some of these other suppliers do ONLY sell this machine and have only been around for a relatively small amount of time.

Angel Homebrew is an established reputable company specialising in all-grain brewing equipment and has been running over 5 years.  This provides reassurance of being around in the unlikely event you should have any warranty issues and also continued support for your Brew Devil machine into the future

Excellent customer service is important to us and it is reflected in feedback from our customers.  We have 1100+ five-star customer reviews on our website and 700+ positive reviews on the Angel Homebrew eBay shop from Angel Homebrew customers.  Please do compare feedback with other suppliers for this same all-in-one brewing machine with a different brand name and check our 30L BrewDevil and 50L BrewDevil product reviews.  Also a compilation of BrewDevil customer reviews available on one of our Christmas Sale Facebook posts

We are enthusiastic about the Brew Devil microbrewery and are developing an  increasing the range of related products, plus the advantage of all the other home-brewing products already available at Angel Homebrew.   Useful Brew Devil related products are already available now in the Brew Devil product category including an insulation jacket for the machine designed by Angel Homebrew and made in the UK..

We have seen other brand suppliers make false statements regarding pre-ordering and expected delivery times resulting in customers posting concerns about delivery of their product and some posts clearing struggling to get replies from other suppliers.  If you do have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch for a prompt reply

Q. Is there a warranty on the Brew Devil All-in-one microbrewery

Yes. 1-year warranty

Q. Is there a BeerSmith profile for the Brew Devil All-in-one microbrewery

Click here to download 30L BrewDevil BeerSmith Profile, or, 50L BrewDevil BeerSmith Profile


Data sheet

Angel Homebrew
Guten, Klarstein, Arsegan, BrewMonk, Grainfather

Specific References