3.6L SS Growler Draft Beer Setup View full size

3.6L SS Growler Draft Beer Setup

3.6L Growler Set comes with 3.6L stainless steel growler and screw in cap, mini C02 regulator and faucet

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Growler Set comes with 3.6L stainless steel growler and screw in lid and also the regulator dispensing cap with mini C02 regulator, dip tube and serving faucet 

Fill with your own homebrew when on the move to take to a party or camping etc., or from your local take out pub or supporting bottle shop and you’re ready to serve draft beer at home, or away, anywhere! 

Does not come with CO2 cartridge.  Mini C02 regulator uses the threaded 16g CO2 gas bulbs available separately

2L size growler also available

Assembly and Use Instructions

These are very simple to use

  • Push dip tube onto the growler regulator dispensing cap
  • Screw mini regulator onto dispensing cap. Note this will continue to turn once wound on but will seal fine
  • Fill growler and fit with stainless steel lid until ready for dispensing
  • For dispensing, remove stainless steel growler lid and screw on the mini regulator dispensing cap
  • Make sure mini regulator is OFF and screw in 16g CO2 cartridge
  • Turn knob on top of mini regulator to dispensing pressure (only a few PSI required, turn slowly and try tap)
  • When removing regulator dispensing cap or changing an empty CO2 bulb ensure mini regulator is OFF
  • Release pressure in an empty growler through faucet before removing regulator dispensing cap

Care for your Growler

You should keep your Growler clean and free from bacteria so you can dispense freshest beer time and time again

  • When empty rinse growler a few times with hot water, then fill swirl / shake and rinse out thoroughly so all traces of beer are removed
  • Do not store damp, which can promote bacteria growth.  Air dry upside with the lid off. 
  • When clean and not in use best stored upside down with lid removed to avoid stagnant air